Exhibitions of hunting dogs on the big stage

You will find elk dogs and many other hunting dogs at this year's outdoor exhibition


Dog shows

Hunting dog exhibitions are held during two of the three fair days. Before the 2020 exhibitions, we move the entire dog area to the grassy areas at the big stage. If you would like to exhibit during the fair, please contact the exhibition manager within each race club as soon as possible.

Rules regarding exhibition during the current fair.

- All booking / registration of dogs is made to the respective club.
- Registration is binding.
- 4 rings
- Place for own exhibitor tent is available, subject to availability.
- Shade tent and water tent are set up by Agria.
- Parking for exhibitors during the exhibition day is at the referenced location.
- One handler per registered dog enters the fair area for free.
For parking and entrance for handler, registration certificate / registration for dog must be presented.
- Judges who judge for the day have free entry to the fair area the day they work. This also applies to notified staff and the ring secretary for the day.
These pass through the separate dog entrance at the entrance.

There will be trade show staff at the dogs entrance so the rest of the family can redeem their tickets and enter together.


Västerbottens Älghundklubb invites you to a national exhibition in Lycksele!
See more information about the elk dog show on the website.

SSF Västerbottens Lappmark invites to an exhibition for Norrbottenspets and Finsk spets

Written notification is sent to:

Thomas Jonsson
Kronåsvägen 8
920 40 Kristineberg
Tel: 070-668 05 22
E-mail: thomas.jonsson@brinet.nu
You will receive confirmation upon registration.

Register through the website www.ssf-riks.se –> Click on ”Västerbottens Lappmark” or download the form available on the same page. Further information is also available on SSF VL's home page.

Exhibition for SVK VB & VBFK

Registration SVK Västerbotten: www.vorsteh.se
Info: SVK Västerbotten
Contact: Maria Gustafsson, 070-3389495

Registration Västerbottens Fågelhundsklubb: patrik.larsson@gmail.com
Info: vbfk.se/utemassan/
Contact: Lena Larsson, 070-3592656