The largest Outdoor Exhibition of Northern Sweden

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Lycksele 29 - 31 of May

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Outdoor Exhibition May 29-31, 2020!

The Outdoor Exhibition of Lapland is the largest outdoor exhibition of northern Sweden, an event that runs in Lycksele every year during the last weekend of may. We want to create an inspiring meeting place that offers a whole weekend of activities.

Lectures with known profiles, try-it-on activities, areas for children, the latest products within hunting and fishing, products to buy, show-offs of the latest equipment, modern accessories for wildlife, local food and creative woodworkers are some of what will be presented.

Hunting dogs are an appreciated feature on the exhibition and several of these are conducted during this weekend, for example the largest elk dog exhibition. Our exhibition draws visitors primarly from Sweden, Norway and Finland.

The Outdoor Exhibition is northern Sweden's largest outdoor exhibition with roughly 12 000 visitors and approximately 150 exhibitors.

SC in Outdoor Cooking

We are now preparing for the SC in outdoor cooking. Three competitions will take place, one in Lycksele at Utemässan on May 31st. Are you interested in competing in the competition and fighting for a place in the finals of the SM in outdoor cooking at Billingen Skövde on September 27? Then make your application as soon as possible! The number of places is limited. Read more.

Exhibition area

It's now official that the Outdoor Exhibition moves back to "Gammplatsen", a beautiful peninsula in Lycksele out in the Umeå River which for hundreds of years has been a center for, among other things. trade, Sami and settlers. Historically, there have been markets, church weekends and things here and the place has come to be a great place for our large exhibition.

The main categories of the exhibition


Hunting is an important part of the Outdoor exhibition and at the exhibition you will find the latest in all the segments you need for a good hunting experience. This year we can also offer the opportunity for trial shooting.


Since the exhibition is located next to the Umeå River, the fishing has its given place at the exhibition. It is a great place to showcase and share the latest in fishing.


The hunting dogs are an important and appreciated element of the exhibition and a number of exhibitions are held during the exhibition days. Sweden's largest elk dog show.


From Jurassik Park to high-tech solutions. The forest plays an important role. It is the forest that is the foremost platform for all that the fair includes and must of course be included.

Wilderness & Leisure

Clothes, knives, accessories etc. are important for a successful outdoor life and at the Outdoor Fair you will find all this. Here you can also find out about the latest in ATV and car companies 4WD and Pick-up segments.

Knife Square

Our goal is to offer the largest and best knife square with a choice for both small and large hands in Northern Sweden. Here you take part of out what some of the country's best knife makers have created.