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Svenska Jägareförbundet – Huvudsponsor 2024

Is there anything more soothing and genuine than letting go of your hunting dog, making a fire and boiling a pan of coffee? The Swedish Hunters' Association is passionate about hunting and works all the time to ensure that we have the best hunting in the world. In addition to fantastic nature experiences, the hunt gives us a tasty and climate-smart alternative to put on the plate!

The Swedish Hunting Association is the country's largest hunting organization and works for a long-term sustainable hunt with good knowledge of wildlife management and high ethics. Biological diversity with rich and viable game strains in a sustainable ecosystem are some of the Swedish Hunting Association's key words.

The Swedish Hunters' Association performs many important tasks for Swedish society, such as monitoring wild diseases and organizing the country's traffic search hunters.

The Swedish Hunters' Association was the country's first green organization when we were founded in 1830, and is still the largest today.

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Svenska Jägareförbundet

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