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Our vision

Bringing people with an interest in dogs, hunting, fishing and outdoor life together.

About us

Utemässan i Lapplands vision är att sammanföra människor med ett intresse av hund, jakt, fiske, hårdhantverk och uteliv.

We want to create an inspiring meeting place that offers a whole weekend of great activities.
Lectures with well-known profiles, try-on activities, children's area, The latest products in hunting and fishing, the sale and display of the latest equipment and up-to-date accessories for outdoor life, locally produced food crafts, creative craftsmen and many dogs are some of the features presented - The last weekend of May

Responsible for the Outdoor Exhibition


Susanne Wänman

E-mail: susanne@utemassan.se
Tel: 070-647 15 72

Thomas Wänman

Tel: 070-647 15 15